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About Chem-Tainer Industries.

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In recent years it has become popular for everyone from auto manufacturers, to chemical processors, to breweries to let you know they're doing something to protect and preserve the environment.

For more than 50 years, long before corporate pledges and government regulations, Chem-Tainer Industries, a visionary leader in plastic molding, has been designing, developing and manufacturing the very products used by all of these industries to protect and preserve the environment. At Chem-Tainer, our commitment is to manufacture quality products that are designed to protect the environment. Our manufacturing process and our raw materials are non-polluting and non-toxic. Most of our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We are proud to present this catalog. You will find a wide range of products that are safe for containing food products as well as aggressive chemicals. Hundreds of stock sizes are offered at ten facilities strategically located throughout the country. If your application requires a size or design not found in this catalog, our engineering staff can develop a product to meet your demands.


At Chem-Tainer, we provide responsible solutions to difficult storage and processing problems.