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America's Largest Hydroponics Tank Manufacturer
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tanks
With Polyethylene Support Stands
   AP Series Tanks 10 - 350 Gallons   
Capacity Size Part
10 15x28 TC1528
15 15x30 TC1530
30 18x40 TC1840
55 22x47 TC2247
75 30x35 TC3035
100 30x48 TC3048
125 42x35 TC4235
200 31x75 TC3175
250 42x57 TC4257
350 42x70 TC4270
Vertical Round Closed Top
Bulk Storage Tanks
   IC-IA Series Tanks 20 - 20,000 Gallons   
Capacity Size Part
65 23x42 TC2342
75 23x49 TC2349
100 23X64 TC2364
110 35x36 TC3536
130 23x76 TC2376
165 31x58 TC3158
200 31x72 TC3172
250 35x68 TC3568
300 35x81 TC3581
500 46x76 TC4676
Open Top, Flat Bottom
Cylindrical Tanks
   AA Series Tanks 5 - 6,800 Gallons   
Capacity Size Part
100 28X42 TC2842
105 24x54 TC2454
150 31x48 TC3148
200 36x48 TC3648
260 36x60 TC3660
275 42x48 TC4248
360 48x48 TC4848
500 52x60 TC5260
550 48x72 TC4872
Inductor Tanks
    15 - 150 Gallons   
Capacity Size Part
15 24x21 N-42064
30 24x28 N-42065
60 24x42 N-42066
75 33x43 TC3343JC
100 33x50 TC3350JC
150 33x66 TC3366JC
Conical Bottom Bulk Storage Tank
With Polyethylene Support Stands
   JP Series Tanks 75 - 3,000 Gallons   
Capacity Size Part
75 31x40 TC3140JP
100 31x48 TC3148JP
150 31x66 TC3166JP
200 31x77 TC3177JP
300 31x98 TC3198JP
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