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Chem-Tainer Products

At Chem-Tainer Industries we have the largest selection of molded tanks in the industry. To find the right tank for your needs, use the buttons on the top of this page.  After clicking on one of the product categories, links will appear to the left of the page showing the available tanks within the current category.  In addition to the products we offer online, custom molded tanks are also available.

Open Top Flat Bottom Cylindrical Tanks
Open Top Tanks

  - Cylindrical Tanks
  - Cone Bottom Tanks
  - Tank & Mixer Packages
  - Shipping Drums
  - Acid Neutralization
  - Rectangular

Water Tanks
  - Vertical Water Tanks
  - Underground Water Tanks
  - Underground Septic Tanks
  - Septic Tank Plumbing Kits
  - Water & Septic Tank Accessories
  - Water & Septic Tank Installation Guide
  - Transport Tanks
  - Pickup Truck Tanks

Bulk Storage Tanks

  - Cylindrical
  - Mini-Bulk
  - Cone Bottom
  - Horizontal
  - Transport
  - Underground Septic & Water Tanks
  - Oil-Tainer® - The Safe, Easy-To-Use Storage Tank for "Used Oil"

Spill Containment

  - Double Wall Tanks
  - Containment Basins
  - Drum Spill Pallets & Basins
  - Drum Accessories

  - Fittings

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