Detailed Specifications for Part # RP-590300
1300 Gallon Black Rotoplas Tri-Layer Water Tank

Inlet:2" Female Threaded NPT Bulkhead Fitting

Outlet:2” Female Threaded NPT Bulkhead Fitting

The Tri-Layer AquaTech Tank brings new meaning to impact resistance and durability. The three layers of the Tri-Layer AquaTech tank each contribute to the most technologically advanced, most durable, and best made water storage tank available on the market. Tri-Layer AquaTech Tanks are designed to be stronger, last longer, and perform better than any other water storage tank available today. Three Layers:
  • Inside Layer - Antibacterial coated white layer prevents the growth of algae and allows easy level viewing (viewing through the manway).
  • Middle Layer - Solid foam structure provides the structure, support, and rigidity of a honeycomb. This leads to a lighter, more durable and more impact resistant tank.
  • Outside Layer - UV coated resins block sunlight, preventing unwanted formations and preserving the clean water within.

rotoplas tri layer water tank

Diameter: 60 Inches
Height: 114 Inches
Capacity: 1300 Gallons
Manway: 22 Inches
Ships From: California^