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Here's What's New at Chem-Tainer Industries:

Inductor Tanks Inductor Tanks
Inductor tanks are designed for chemical storage, Biodiesel production & Ideal for Wine, Beer & Hydroponics brewing applications. Suitable for mixing various chemicals when filling a larger tank. These tanks feature a top mounted lid & translucent walls for level viewing. Molded from Linear PE material. Standard 2” threaded outlet. Support stand not included.

Name Model No. Capacity Dia. X Height In.
75 Gallon Inductor Tank TC3343JC  75 Gallons 33 x 43
100 Gallon Inductor Tank TC3350JC  100 Gallons 33 x 50
150 Gallon Inductor Tank TC3366JC  150 Gallons 33 x 66


Ronco Transport Tanks - New Sizes Transport Tanks
These low profile portable tanks are designed for economy and long service. Rectangle shape saves space and does not need stands or cradles for support.

Name Model No. Capacity Len. X Wid. X Height In.
150 Gallon Ronco Transport Tank Trans150  150 Gallons 46 x 30 x 29
200 Gallon Ronco Transport Tank Trans200  200 Gallons 48 x 30 x 38
330 Gallon Ronco Transport Tank Trans330  330 Gallons 50 x 43 x 39


Vertical Bulk Tanks - New Sizes new vertical bulk
Manufactured from linear polyethylene in one piece, seamless construction, this tank series is designed for either indoor or outdoor applications. Flat bottom design provides for easy and cost efficient installation.

Name Model No. Capacity Dia. X Height In.
65 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC2446IC / TC2446IA  65 Gallons 24 x 46
175 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC3653IC / TC3653IA  175 Gallons 36 x 53
300 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC3587IC / TC3587IA  300 Gallons 35 x 87
500 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC6353IC / TC6353IA  500 Gallons 63 x 53
500 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC4876IC / TC4876IA  500 Gallons 48 x 76
1000 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC6681IC / TC6681IA  1000 Gallons 66 x 81
1150 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC8657IC / TC8657IA  1150 Gallons 86 x 57
1500 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC1501IC / TC1501IA  1500 Gallons 66 x 115
1700 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC1701IC / TC1701IA  1700 Gallons 86 x 78
2150 Gallon Vertical Bulk Tank TC2150IC / TC2150IA  2150 Gallons 86 x 99


Round Horizontal Tank - New Size 225 Gallons

round horizontal Manufactured from linear polyethylene in one piece, seamless construction, this tank series is designed for storage and non-DOT regulated transport applications. UV stabilized for outdoor usage for water use only.

Name Model No. Capacity Dia. X Height In.
225 Gallon Round Horizontal Tank TC3852IC / TC3852IA  225 Gallons 38 x 52


New Pick Up Truck Tank Size

Manufactured in one piece, seamless construction, this series of tanks has been designed to fit both full size American-made and "mini" pick up trucks.
Name Model No. Capacity Dia. X Height In.
465 Gallon Pick Up Truck Tank TC6351PT  465 Gallons 63 x 51

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