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Open Top Cylindrical Tanks:

Cylindrical Tank Covers
For use with Cylindrical & Cone Bottom Tanks
Click here to view tank installation and use guidelines.

Please select which series you would like to view from the list below:

AF Series - Polyethylene Covers - One piece molded polyethylene construction.  Fits over the flange of the tank. 

AH Series - Polyethylene Hinged Covers - Molded polyethylene construction.  Flexible polypropylene hinge with stainless steel rivets.

FH Series - Polyethylene Hinged Covers - All polyethylene construction.  Heavy duty fabricated covers

EF Series - Bolted Polyethylene Covers

QF Series - QA Tank Covers - For use with our QA Series Tapered Cylindrical Tanks.  Designed for mounting pumps, chemical feeders, heaters, level controls, switches and dip tubes.

XF Series - AX Tank Covers - Crosslinked polyethylene covers for AX series crosslinked polyethylene open top tanks


AF Series - Polyethylene Covers

One piece molded polyethylene construction. Fits over the flange of the tank.

View Technical Drawing for the AF Series


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